Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Exploring Kathmandu

Tuesday 15th. In the morning
Exploring Kathmandu
Currys eaten - 1,  momos eaten - 10,  yeti sightings - 0
Went to a rooftop cafe called Helenas for breakfast, Bec had pancakes and I asked for an Indian breakfast not knowing what I would get although correctly suspecting curry.  Yum, curry for breakfast with chapatis and roti bread, great way to start the day.
Went to find out how to get to Pokhara tomorrow which turned out to be easier than expected, bus tickets are 500 rupees which is about £4 and its a 7 hour journey starting at 7am.
Guided ourselves on a walking tour through the medieval looking streets of Kathmandu old town passing by rows and rows of little shops, temples and shrines with incense and butter lamps burning, holi men covered in red and yellow paint, scabby stray dogs chasing past, rickshaws rattling along and people carrying ridiculously large loads strapped to their heads.  It feels like there's too much stuff for my eyes to look at, its a visual feast and my brain is gorging itself.
Right now as I'm writing this we're sat on a rooftop overlooking Durbar square eating vegetable momos (a plate of stuffed dumpling type things) and I have to say this delicious taste sensation may start a new obsession.

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