Sunday, 6 November 2011

chillin with the yetis

On reflection of my previous post i had a word with myself for being so depressive and now feel much better although probably still a bit lazy.  This week will need to be spent sorting out our plans for Nepal.  been having odd dreams about being in Kathmandu for the past few weeks probably caused partly by eager anticipation and partly by feeling anxiously unprepared.  We have booked flights only and so all travel and accommodation will be done spontaneously although i have contacted a guest house in Kathmandu to book a room for the first two nights.  From then on our slightly sketchy plan includes a trek  in the Himalayas for 4-5 days where I hope to become famous by finding the first conclusive evidence for the existence of the yeti.  maybe i'll befriend one and we can go for a few beers and a game of darts, maybe catch a film then go bowling?
The theme of the dreams I've been having is that we don't come back! I don't know why though, the dreams haven't explained this yet.  Maybe we'll get lost in the hills, maybe our bus will plunge off a mountain road, maybe we'll take up residence in Kathmandu or maybe i'll get killed by a yeti.....

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