Sunday, 13 November 2011

nearly in Nepal.....

Sunday 13th November  (blogged retrospectively from diary)
yeti sightings - 0, currys eaten - 2
I've been obsessed recently about the possible but improbable existance of the Himalayan Yeti.  Maybe I can be the first person to find conclusive evidence hat its not just a mythical creature but so far on this trip the Yeti is proving to be elusive, its early days yet  though and to be fair Doha airport is unlikely to be their preferred habitat.
We have a long wait of 9 hours here in Qatar until our connecting flight to Kathmandu, there are flights sooner but in my search for the cheapest deal possible thats what I had to book.  So we've got a bit of time to take advantage and experience a bit of middle eastern culture....... so far we've wandered around the duty free shops and soaked up the atmos in the airport cafeteria......

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