Saturday, 28 April 2012

good day sunshine

The only bit of sunshine this week after all this miserable weather was to be found at the sugarmill courtesy of the sunshine underground. i'll say more about that in a moment but firstly why is there always a handful of people filming on their phones at gigs? are you going to watch it back later? you're there now you dick, you don't need to film it! enjoy uploading your shakey distorted film onto youtube to show everyone "i was there!" yes i was there too but enjoying myself too much to film it! erm yeh anyway TSU were great, 4 likeable regular guys, no pretense, good stage energy and brilliant music. they played quite a lot of new stuff which sometimes with other bands prompts a dash to the bar and/or toilet but these songs kinda feel almost like an old favourite on first listen. a good sprinkling of the old stuff aswell the highlight of which was 'borders', starting off acoustic with a mass singalong then ripping into to full anthemic noise halfway through the only minor disappointment was that they didn't play 'coming to save you' (at least i don't think they did) but you can't play em all and if your left wanting more you know you've had a good time. we stayed behind after for an hour or two for a few ciders, bit of a dance and had to keep the taxi waiting a while because every time we went to leave another top tune came on
Friday 27th April 2012 - The Sugarmill

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