Thursday, 10 May 2012

charity begins at home?

Whilst walking through town today i was asked at a stall set up in the market centre to make a donation to help wounded British soldiers who served in Afghanistan, I declined and went about my business.  Whilst browsing the shelves of Wilkinsons I decided I would go back and pose a question.
me: Does any of this money go to help war wounded Afghans?
army fella: No, no, its for British soldiers.
me: Oh right, that's a shame
army fella: erm, er, why's that?
me: Well they need a lot more help than British soldiers do don't they?
army fella: No not at all, its for wounded soldiers who served for our country!!
me: Yes but they have the support of living in this country, the affected Afghan people need much more help!
The man got annoyed at this stage and started raising his voice, as I walked away he was shouting something about the good work of the British army.  maybe I'm causing trouble but then maybe I feel better for spontaneously expressing an alternative point of view.

 I'm definitely in favour of charity but only where its needed most.  Afghans and Iraqis have seen their communities, infrastructures and economies decimated and the aid they are given is nowhere near enough.  British soldiers may well have gone through hard times but will already get support from the army and have relative luxury to return home to, but due to our pompous love of country stance we only recognise what our guys have gone through and not what's been left behind.

Don't get me wrong I know its all well meaning and in good spirit but I was quite amused by the fella's look of bemusement, he really didn't understand my point of view and that's how I expect the mindset of the majority of this country would be.  ignorance is bliss.

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