Friday, 15 June 2012

Singin for England (and Bec)

England have done it! Beaten Sweden 3-2 in a brilliant match and even better won me £22, not a lot but better than nowt! Well done England, never any doubt from me and still got my 12-1 locked on for our boys lifting the cup! Before I get too carried away its also Bec's birthday today, we went to the Trafford centre and had more fun than I thought was possible. I really don't like big shopping malls, they're so sterile, superficial and teeming with brain dead shopping zombies. Had a nice meal in the oriental zone or whatever its called and then messed around in the amusement arcade playing time crisis and outrun! Quick game of ten pin bowling and back to Crewe to watch the match. Had good fun, Bec is lovely.  England games always seem to fall on Bec's birthday, sorry Bec, I don't plan the fixtures!

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