Friday, 5 October 2012

when the chips are down.....

Went to Anfield last night and came away bemused at how Liverpool could enjoy 72% of possession but still lose 3-2 to Udinese!  When I thought about it though it was probably the sideways passing that bumped the possession stats up and the mixture of old horse Carra and new kids in defence that leak too many goals.  Suarez and Gerrard were brought on with 25 mins to go and were significantly in a different class, they are far superior to most of their team mates and that's Liverpools problem all over, with the money they've spent in the past few years they should have a team comparable to Arsenal or Spurs but they haven't got the quality they've paid for.  On a more positive note the chips, peas and gravy from the chippy across the road from the stadium were well worth queuing up for, excellent quality grub!  Maybe Brendan Rodgers should pop in and get some advice on what value for money means.
On last nights evidence they didn't play badly and didn't really play badly enough to get beaten by Udinese but the defence is not solid enough and they need a few more players with skill, energy and motivation comparable to Suarez and Gerrard.  Doesn't look like Liverpool will have the edge to win trophies this season and certainly not the Europa cup with their 2 best players starting on the bench!

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