Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Got to Agra ok on the overnight bus despite having nearly missed it last night.  Arriving in Agra we're instantly back to smoggy polluted streets just like many parts of Delhi but it seems worse here.
We've decided to go to the Taj Mahal early tomorrow morning after sunrise to beat the crowds and the day trippers.  So for today we get a tuk tuk and arrange to be driven around for the day starting at Agra fort.  Wandered around the fort for an hour or so, its not as impressive as the forts in Delhi or Jodhpur but there's enough to keep us occupied for a while.  Our driver is waiting for us and takes us to the Itimad-ud-Daulah tomb which is more conveniently nicknamed 'the baby Taj',  Bec says she likes it better than the actual real Taj Mahal.  Next went to Mehtab Bagh Park, some gardens across the river directly behind the Taj Mahal.  Its 100 rupees to enter but from what we can see inside looks not much different from the rest of the area so we take a free walk around and down a path to the river bank where there's some good views.
We ask the driver to take us to a restaurant but as he's driving he keeps slowing down and asking "shall I take you to the marble factory now?" and "I'll take you to the markets and the shopping bazaars now, yes?", we have to keep insisting "NO! we are hungry!" and eventually he takes us where we want.  We decide we've had enough of the tour and pay the driver.  Bit of food and meandering fills the rest of the day.

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