Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lotus Temple, Hari Krishnas and a sleeper train

Delhi then sleeper train to Udaipur
Somehow managed a solid 8 hours sleep despite the streets sounding like war torn Beruit with all the Diwali fireworks.  Went out in the morning to the Bahai Lotus Temple, the temple welcomes people of all religions on the principle that "humanity is one race".  The enormous temple is built from white marble in the shape of a lotus flower and surrounded by water pools and vast pristine gardens. Inside the temple it's completely calm and silent even when it's full with hundreds of people, we make a fairly lacklustre attempt at meditating before we move on.
Bahá'í House of Worship
We could see a weird looking temple on a hill not too far away and decided we had time to go and investigate.  We had a nice little walk through some parks and discovered some kind of Hari Krishna themed world, as well as the temple there's shops, shows and films providing fun for all the family!  Inside the temple we are reminded that Hari Krishnas know how to party! they don't need to throw firecrackers about like the Hindus, they're more interested in throwing themselves into a deep cymbal bashing trance and dancing like they're wired up to the electrical mains.

Back at Paharganj in the afternoon to fill ourselves with curry and get ready to go and catch a sleeper train to Udaipur.  Got onto the Chetak Express in good time, its nothing flash but perfectly comfortable, reasonably clean and doesn't appear to be infested with bugs like a sleeper train we travelled on in Vietnam a couple of years ago.  Its a very long train with loads of carriages stretching into the distance some of which do look grim with no lighting and crammed full of people.  Definitely feel glad I didn't go for the cheaper tickets, we paid about £12 and have an air conditioned berth, a bed, clean sheets, pillow and blanket for a 12 hour journey.  relative luxury!

things I noticed today;
-at the busiest metro stations orderly queues await the next train, when one arrives and the doors open and things descend to a mad rugby scrum charging onto the already crowded train defeating the object of the polite queuing before.
- not sure that Delhi belly exists, I think people just say it because it rhymes.  I've tried lots of different food and lots of curry but everything seems fine!

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