Sunday, 20 January 2013


trip to India seems long ago now but I've been reliving it by reading and updating my travel blog
we had our ups and downs on that trip, the downs being the Delhi belly and some of the difficult transport, the ups being some of the amazing places we visited.  i wish i hadn't been so ill in Udaipur and Jodhpur as they were my favourite places and also where I was most ill but there's no regrets, it was just a part of the journey we had to get on with which is exactly what we did, we still travelled about and saw as much as possible.  The amazing sights across Jodhpur, the old world feel of Pushkar, the astounding temple at Ranakpur, the awesome Kumbhalargh fort, the eye opening Bahai temple, the inspiring Salaam Baalak trust. There's so many sights I'll never forget.  I'd go back but there's more of the world to see and anyway I don't fancy any more Delhi belly.

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