Sunday, 6 January 2013

John's gone all boring?

As mentioned in previous post i rarely talk about work, its always been get home and switch off all work related thoughts.  I'll listen to Bec talk for half an hour about why she's late home and whatever's bothering her and then when she says "anyway how was your day at work?" I'll usually reply "It was ok..... what shall we have for tea?".  But right now at the risk of gravitating towards becoming one of those bores that drones on about work all the time, I'm loving it.  The last few years of being frustrated at not really getting the job satisfaction I wanted have been worth the wait, my new job is great! the role, the staff and the environment are all great and after only a few days I feel settled in and brimming with new ideas.  I'm even quite enjoying cycling to Nantwich and back everyday.  Maybe enjoying your job isn't just for boring people but even if it is I'll go with it because it feels good. Anyway, whats for tea?

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