Sunday, 9 June 2013

Need a croggy?

As a user of buses in the past and now a rider of bikes I have come up with an amazing idea.  my route to work is largely unbused and so as an alternative to this lack of bus riding I will create a series of bike stops between Crewe and Nantwich.  Along my way as long as I'm not running late I will stop and offer a croggy to anyone waiting.  This service will be available once per day in the morning from Crewe to Nantwich and once per day in the evening from Nantwich to Crewe with this timetable being subject to change of course.  I think £1.50 sounds fair with a 50pence surcharge for fatties and the elderly.  My customers can enjoy the wind in their hair, fresh air and the exclusive rights of cyclists to ignore the rules of the road.
Need a lift? Hop on the cross bar!  That's £1.50 please, yep no probs hang your shopping off the handlebars

1 comment:

m.cavendish said...

what if a whole family wants a ride and they are all lard arses? would you cash in or cop out?