Saturday, 10 August 2013

24 hour party people

Having not long fully recovered from last Saturday's night in Nantwich with Jay and Yoc, tomorrow is all day party time for Happy Mondays in Betley of all places.  Yes ok Nantwich was a week ago and no being in your 30's does not make hangovers last longer, recovery time is exactly the same!  Right so let me explain, the difference you see is when you get a bit older you become more experienced and adept at partying, your staying power is better and you can party harder, faster and longer and THAT is why it takes a few days to settle back into the real world.  Walking home at 5am last week I knew I would feel slightly jaded for a couple of days but it was worth it.
Sunday is more of an all day than an all night thing.  Happy Mondays, 808 State and The Farm amongst other stuff, a blast back to the early 90's!  Although some of my mates claim they will be taking it easy what with it being Sunday and having work the next day, it's worth noting that there will be 6 lads in their mid 30's (=very experienced animalistic ravers) spending all day and night in a field surrounded by loud music and beer......  

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