Monday, 30 September 2013


Went to see The Wailers at Manchester Ritz on Saturday (minus Bob obviously).  I like the Ritz as a venue anyway but the atmosphere in there was brilliant, real happy feel good vibe, everyone dancing, everyone knew all the words and even without Bob Marley The Wailers still manage to have a stage presence without seeming like a tribute band. 
Now if there's one thing that's slightly irritating at any gig nowadays it's all the phones being held up filming, there's always a few dotted about at any given time.   I do have to admit I did get my phone out and take this photo.....
.....and as you can see it's pretty rubbish.  Realising the pointless taking of a useless photo I had a cynical scathing word in my own ear and promptly turned my phone off.  My view is that why stand there filming and taking photos to look at later when you are there now??? watch it now! it's on, live, infront of you!  All these shaky videos with distorted sound and naff lifeless blurry photos that do the experience no justice whatsoever will in the vast majority of cases be of no use or interest to anyone ever.....ever, ever, including the person who took it.  In my photo for instance it clearly does not depict the night I described at the start of this post.  Do what you want but I say put your phone away, your missing everything.
Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, The Wailers were great!  How ya feelin? Irie!

After a 2 hour funky reggae party played to an exuberantly appreciative crowd we spilled outside to cool down and went in search of beer.  Found a couple of bars, one of which we went in to satisfy a long time curiosity.  'The Temple' is an underground bar with steps leading down from an island in the middle of the road, I've walked past it plenty of times in the past and wondered what is that place?  It's small, dark, strange and most of all cool as fu6k!

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