Wednesday, 4 September 2013

unexpected item in bagging area

Had a bit of an argument at the supermarket checkout today!  I said to the woman "What's the surprise? It's broccoli not a hand grenade", but she just ignores me and repeats herself "unexpected item in bagging area", so I pick it back up and mutter "stupid idiot, have you not seen broccoli before?", I put it back down and it seems okay now, but the atmosphere is a bit tense while the rest of the items are scanned through, no chit chat just beep, beep, beep, beep.......huh?....arghh it won't scan!......scan you stupid thing.....argh......beep! "authorisation needed",  "what? I'm 35! come on!",  I look around for the human assistant to authorise my beer, feeling agitated, I'm not really in a rush to be anywhere but I have come to the express checkout and now it's taking longer than if I'd stood behind the family of fatties with the overloaded trolley at the normal checkout.  The humanoid assistant finally comes over, leans in front of me to look me in the face, looks me up and down, types her PIN into the machine and walks off again.  Still no chit chat from the checkout bot, you'd think you'd get a small apology such as "sorry, we have to ask for ID, take it as a compliment", but no, nothing.  Finish scanning and pay up and then immediately it seems we're in a rush "please take your receipt", "yes, yes i know what to do", "please take your bags from the bagging area", "alright! give me a chance will you!!!".  I didn't say goodbye when I walked away, I'm not going to her checkout again.
self checkout issues

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Anonymous said...

hahaha! ridiculous! those self service things are sooo irritating!