Sunday, 10 November 2013

Water ski Sunday

Woke up to rain again, only a bit of a hangover today and a guest in our room.  Nicky from the group and myself were the last stragglers out in the Sinking Ship nightclub last night and after throwing some crazy shapes on the dancefloor we sat down for a minute before we were about to leave at which point somebody ran past and swiped her bag.  As well as money and credit card her key for the guesthouse was in the bag so I had to wake Becci up (as Bec had left the club earlier) and say "do you mind if I let Nicky sleep in our room?"  funny situation in that respect but quite horrible when the bag got stolen and we went and confronted the gang that did it.
So today we had planned to go surfing but when we got to the surf shop they said there's no waves anywhere so there's no point and so we decided to book a boat to go water skiing.  Bec and me went cycling for a couple of hours to explore the island first and then met up with Yasmin, Andreas, Phil and Jason in the afternoon.  I volunteered to go first which didn't go too well for me, followed by Phil who looked like a pro on his very first run.  Everyone managed to get a decent effort in sooner or later except me and Bec really, I only managed to stand up for about 10 seconds at best and Bec struggled to get going.  Frustratingly I think my lanky legs were not designed to have skis put on them and be dragged by a speeding boat.  It was a really fun thing to do though and we all had a great laugh together.
Got a boat over to one of the islands late afternoon with Bec and had a walk about and a cocktail. Think I've decided that this area is the most beautiful place in the world, and apart from thieves in nightclubs there's a really great feel add vibe to the place.

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