Saturday, 9 November 2013


As you can see from the photos today has been pretty tough going!  Well actually it felt that way at 7am this morning when I woke up to the noise of a huge rain storm complimented by an extremely fuzzy head due to last night's partying.  We took a boat ride out to go snorkeling over the best coral seabed I've ever seen anywhere, it was teeming with life across a huge area and full of colour and activity. We got our lunch on a little island that is inhabited only by the family from the restaurant, which stands on stilts over the water. Our boat then takes us to a little desert island, I get out to explore the island with some of the group and Bec goes off to do some more snorkeling with the rest of the group. On the island I wandered off by myself for an hour and had a bit of a Robinson Crusoe moment, the island was uninhabited, nothing there except sea, sand and forest. I walked around to the other side of the island where there was not another person in sight and sat in the shade of a tree that was overhanging the beach with the waves of the sea gently licking my toes. Being isolated like this I used all of my life learned survival skills and found that breaking open a fresh coconut is not so easy after all. When the others came back from snorkeling they did not recognise me, I looked a bit skeletal due to my failure to forage for food and had grown a beard. Once I'd had been rescued and rehabilitated we drank beer, listened to a bit of reggae and swam in the warm sea.

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