Monday, 13 October 2014

The Duck Face Selfie

After this mornings post on a guide to selfies and the mental illness that makes us post them on social media I decided on reflection that it shouldn't all be completely ridiculed, we can celebrate the selfie, it's part of modern culture now. 
After reading the guide my brother Rob decided to send me this rather gorgeous selfie using the duck face pose which only took him 7 attempts to get right.  He was concentrating so hard on looking hot that he didn't notice the toilet was in shot in the background.....

So then I followed that up with my own selfie which admittedly I did retake 16 times until I thought I looked like enough of a babe.....

and here's me again looking hot to trot at work.....

Any friends and family reading this please message your selfies to me so that I can update this post with a selfie gallery*.
And if anyone in the world out there can shed any light on the phenomenon of the duck face selfie and why when I unnaturally project my puckered lips it makes me feel so damn sexy that I have to photograph myself again and again then please please do leave a message in the comments box, thanks.

*family and friends selfie gallery updated 16/10/2014
smoldering hot mule selfie

Canvin family selfie
selfie in the service lift at work selfie
mentally unstable selfie


Anonymous said...

Have you gone mad again Jonny? Pull yourselfie together!

R.O.B said...

Nice... Always up for a quick duck face photo, I don't see the point in having your photo taken if you're not pouting.