Thursday, 13 November 2014

Arsonists go on proper Budapest sight seeing extravaganza

Did a proper sight seeing walkabout yesterday.  Sometimes you've just gotta hit all the sights with camera hung round neck and get ripped off at the tourist cafes.
Started with breakfast in the shopping area because I wanted to pay twice as much as yesterday but still feel hungry after.  This plan worked a treat so feeling like real tourists we walked along the river bank snapping lots of pics of all the nice buildings on the way to see the famous parliament buildings.  There is a memorial on the edge of the river banks made as 60 pairs of shoes to symbolise the Jews that were shot there during the second world war.  The parliament building is indeed impressive, like Londons but bigger and more detailed. 

Wandered around the area for a bit and then crossed the bridge over towards Buda.  Stopped off at the island in the middle of the river and decided to hire a little cycle car to explore the island.  Despite looking like noddy I made this much more exciting by driving it like a rally car, lots of sharp corners and skidding, Bec didn't appreciate my driving all that much.

Walked about looking for food and found not very much but eventually stumbled upon a vegan cafe complete with insense burning and short haired lesbian owner.
Walked around castle Hill and did all the touristy bits with lots of photos.  The architecture is quite amazing here though so if you're going to do it this is the place to be.  The palace, churches and all around are really quite amazing, actually every building you see is grand impressive and full of detail, even Aldi looks like a castle!

Tried to go into the Rudas Türkish thermal baths but it's no women allowed so bit of cake and some foralt bor and it's back to the hotel. 

Off out at night to eat at the 'For Sale' pub, the floor is covered with straw and peanut shells and the walls and ceiling are completely covered with random bits of paper pinned everywhere.  Looks really messy but quite cosy.  The food menu is so extensive I got confused and thought they'd given me the phone directory at first, I'm not a great reader so I selected something from chapter one along with my new favourite beer 'Soprini'.  when the food arrives the portions are big enough to kill a man, I'm telling you now nobody has ever read the whole menu in there not even the chef and nobody has ever finished their whole meal off ever, that's a fact. Had a few more Soprani's while watching the band and then bec got in trouble for burning peanut shells on the candles, our candle got snuffed out and confiscated.  When the walls and ceiling are covered in lots a bits of paper the landlord probably does feel a bit on edge when people start experimenting with fire but with that in mind why put lit candles on the tables???

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