Monday, 12 January 2015

Je suis une opération sous fausse bannière?

Is all as it seems with the Charlie Hebdo shootings? Could it really be a false flag operation?  Impossible to know but there's some rather odd discrepancies to the official story presented by the mainstream media.
  • See the embedded video below for analysis of the un-edited footage of the cop that was reported dead with a point blank shot to the head with an ak-47? so the shot missed? no recoil? no blood? make your own conclusion as to why this part is edited out for the news because it's not at all gory. (link to uncensored footage)
  •  The terrorists performed a well organised, well planned, well drilled operation but were identified by the ID card they dropped in the getaway car!  hmmmm, they took ID with them??? It's a bit like when they found the perfectly intact passports of the 9/11 hijackers amongst all the debris. What a stroke of luck!
  •  The Police Commissioner on the case mysteriously 'committed suicide' on the night of the incident while preparing his report. It seems the media aren't allowed to mention this.
  • Apparently- “police identified Coulibaly’s DNA from a cloth found near the scene of the policewoman’s in Montrouge, leading to his identification within two hours.” Wouldn't this be impossible in two hours??? Forensic DNA analysis takes time. Around two days or longer!
  • By Wednesday night, the day it happened thousands of "Je Suis Charlie" banners had been produced ready to march on the streets to be televised around the world. That was done pretty quick, not impossible of course but easier to organise in advance. 
  • The suspects are all reported dead.  Damn could have been useful to interogate them. Oh well!

     Why all this? I don't know!

    Watch this video.....

    and here's a link to the original footage on being as it's all been taken down from youtube

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