Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Educated Apes

Go here
to hear me as a guest on episode 4 of the award winning* Educated Apes podcast.

I have to warn you that I'm better at writing than talking, well certainly feels like it listening back to me speaking on this but then I guess most people feel a bit uncomfortable and self critical hearing their own voice.  So we discuss a very random and brilliantly varied selection of topics such as beating children at connect 4, lucid dreaming, befriending Thai biker gangs, wild tiger encounters, wild yeti encounters and the official banning of photographing meals you've cooked.
I'd say episode 4 is a bit of a slow burner, it takes until about half way through until the conversation starts flowing fully, bearing in mind it's 2 hours long!

So will the risk of having a 37 year old vegetarian optician who speaks frustratingly slowly on the podcast ruin their reputation? probably!
Josh and Tom the educated apes do a weekly podcast which you can find on itunes or direct from their website educatedapes.com, If you wish to give them some feedback or maybe feature as a guest you can contact them via their twitter @educatedapes or email on educatedapes@gmail.com or simply leave a comment on the website.  
*educated apes has been awarded Best New Podcast 2015 by Jonny's Brain

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