Friday, 13 March 2015

Rhuddlan Castle and the Rhylians of Rhyl

Some photos here I took in January on a visit to Rhuddlan Castle near Rhyl in North Wales.  After an hours drive we discovered that Rhuddlan Castle is "closed to visitors for the winter", never mind I said, lets hop over the wall and have a mooch about.  But Bec being a stickler for rules and regs insisted this was not an option and the world might end if I so much as breathed on the front entrance gate.  So off we went on a walk around the surrounding area which I was surprised to find was a nice bit of scenic countryside.  I was surprised because my childhood memory of the nearby seaside town of Rhyl was dirty, tacky, cheap, and various other less then glowing adjectives.
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After a nice wander around the castle perimeter we set off down the road to Rhyl.  It's not as bad as I remember actually and so I tried to take a few photographs of the shoreline and harbour carefully keeping the dirt, grime and grit out of frame, kinda imagining I was shooting for a Rhyl holiday brochure.  The Rhylian people of Rhyl typically seem to be what some people might describe as 'inbred', but this observation may be a little harsh as I can only really base it on the fact that most Rhylians dress themselves in shorts and tshirts despite it being very cold, very windy and very January.

 photography by John Brand

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