Monday, 27 April 2015

Help Nepal

DEC, the Disasters Emergency Committee is a coalition of 13 different aid charities.  If you want to donate money to help the Nepal earthquake crisis or any other crisis it's best not to just blindly donate money, check where your money will go to first and how it will be spent.  Often aid money goes through the wrong channels and is misspent, wasted and eaten up in admin which is what happened with the Haiti earthquake appeal, that's why a coalition of charities might be best to ensure funds are dispersed more effectively.  As far as I can see DEC looks like an appropriate organisation to donate to.  You could also consider the Oxfam appeal who are building a multi stage plan starting with providing clean water and sanitation to those who have been displaced.

Not forgetting several other humanitarian crisis in the world such as Syria, Sudan, Gaza and the island of Vanatu in the South Pacific Ocean which was devastated by Cyclone Pam last month.
You can spare £10 or just a fiver right?  What's that?  a bottle of wine?
I have today donated £12 to the Nepal appeal with DEC and £8 to the Vanatu appeal with Oxfam.  I doubt I'll even notice, I'd only fritter it away otherwise!

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