Friday, 24 April 2015

Wansfell Pike

We drove to the Lake District today for a bit fresh air and nature.  I moaned that I couldn't be arsed and it was too far for a day trip but as usual I thoroughly enjoyed it once I was there. Starting from Ambleside we climbed Wansfell Pike in the fog and then 'rambled' across the moors and through the woods.  Love the environment around there, the limited civilisation that's visible is all dry stone walls, cottages built with rough slate and weathered farm buildings covered in moss.  The rugged trails take on steep ridges, valley views, forest streams and wild open moors, everything is overgrown how it should be with nature in control.  Half way we stopped at a country pub for a cuppa where Bec got told off for eating her own sandwiches and not eating their food.  I didn't get told off, I ate my picnic in a far more covert clandestine manner.

the village idiot

Respek da Ambleside crew innit.  Amblesiiiide

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