Sunday, 14 June 2015

Vinyl Junkie

Vinyl has returned in my house, since the arrival of a new record player.  The spark was there a few years ago but alas the previous turntable was unable to do one fundamental task..... play records.
Faith was lost and old technology blamed.
Couple of months ago a new turntable landed which was able to play records all the way through without jumping each time Tim Burgess reached a high note.  With this came a vinyl renaissance and the destruction of the previous turntable, which was a gift i was very grateful for but ultimately deserved it's fate.....

record player from sprinch on Vimeo.

Since an already impressive collection from the early 90's the record box has swelled a bit after scouring a few record shops and charity shops and a brief splurge on ebay.

for many years I've gotten much of my music free by downloading torrents and such but the digital format never quite recreates the magic of sliding a piece of vinyl out of it's sleeve.  Listening this way I tend to take time to listen to the whole record rather than skipping through tracks on an mp3 player.  It is addictive, it starts with finding favourite singles and then gradually EP's and inevitably the harder stuff..... LP's.  It doesn't stop there either, you know you're in deep when you're going without food for special edition copy of a Happy Mondays album on yellow coloured vinyl, and breaking out in a sweat when you find an original 1978 pressing of Kaya by Bob Marley and The Wailers for a few quid in a charity shop.

vinyl junkie from sprinch on Vimeo.

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