Friday, 21 August 2015

What you say? NOT Jeremy Corbyn???

Having two main political parties who have identical views on most issues is what democracy is all about.  A Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party would just be too different from the Conservatives, which would obviously be terrible for democracy as it would give the electorate an actual real choice, a real choice that we really can't trust people to make.

The establishment are desperate to snuff out Corbynmania, and rightly so because people are starting to think that maybe the country can be run in a better, fairer way.  Ridiculous fantasists!  The public need putting straight and so that's why all the most successful and highly respected Labour politicians of recent times have been splashed across the completely neutral British media one by one to warn us all about this dangerous, dangerous man that is Jeremy Corbyn.
Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Gordon Brown, David Miliband, Neil Kinnock..... how many high profile warnings do we need from people we trust and respect?

Listen to these crazy Corbyn ideas and policies;

Re-nationalising the rail service, postal service and energy utilities.  This huge national investment would mean Britain would eventually take all this profit away the the big corporations that need it.  There's probably no way that the government would be capable of making the millions in profit that these big companies make so it's better that we leave them to it and carry on taxing and cutting public services.

The normal bloke with the beard and no tie says austerity is a political choice not a necessity.  WTF?  He has to be insane.  It's obvious that we need to cut benefits for the lower classes, particularly if they've had too many children.
We need to close libraries and stop as many local authority services as possible.  Austerity has given us the long awaited green light to sell off all remaining state assets at a cut down price to those who do it better.  By "those who do it better" I mean those who've been lobbying and donating to political parties for so long now so it really is about time they get their way.

Jeremy Corbyn opposed the wars and bombings of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and also voted against military action in Syria.  Imagine if this joker had been running the country at the beginning of the millennium!  Britain wouldn't have invaded Iraq and stopped their WMD program, the Middle East would be in turmoil creating a haven for terrorist groups and we'd be facing a refugee crisis with people fleeing all the countries that we hadn't destabilized.  We don't want that do we?  I mean, imagine life without war!  No thanks!

Beware of old skool Labour.  In the 1970s the gap between the rich and poor was at its lowest in Britain's history. Living standards for ordinary people were rising all the time and large sections of the economy were in public ownership. The banks did not run the country and the taxation system was steeply progressive.  Unbelievably Corbyn wants to take us back to these times! Think how disastrous that would be for important rich people who would have to pay higher rates of tax which would then be redistributed to skanky working class types and people on middle incomes. The richest 1% would really suffer by having slightly reduced fortunes and the most privileged might consider leaving the country. That's what lies in store for us if Corbyn succeeds! 

So Jeremy Corbyn.....
He wants to protect public services from cuts and instead wants to crackdown on tax evasion and increase taxes on the very wealthy! what? Come off it! is this the sort of man we want leading Labour? or worse still, the country?
No!  So the Labour party with it's core blue values needs to fight back.  In this leadership contest all the token lefties need to be weedled out and their votes made void.  Anyone voting Corbyn is obviously a conservative hoping for an easy win at the next general election so ban them from the Labour Party because well..... that's democracy.

These scenes are reminiscent of Ron Paul's campaign to become American president a few years ago.  He spoke to packed out halls just as Corbyn is now.  The media establishment quashed his movement just as they're trying to crush Corbyn's now.

Here's a video showing how Ron Paul's movement was crushed by the media and snuffed out his probable election as American president over Obama.  The same is happening to Corbyn, they don't want him to exist.  It was inconvenient how popular Ron Paul was.  It is inconvenient how popular Jeremy Corbyn is.  People like this threaten the current system.  Corbyn won't ever gain any real power, they won't let him.


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