Friday, 4 September 2015

Lost in the woods..... again!

A lesson I should have learnt by now..... don't trust 'the internet', anyone could have written that stuff, for example, even I could have written it!

When Bec and me have a free day we often choose a place to visit and go off to enjoy walking in the woods, up in the hills etc. We search online for things to do and find a walking route to print out.  The last few times we've tried and tried but not managed to finish the route due to ambiguous instructions and dodgy maps and had to navigate our own way back.  I quite like the idea of getting lost and living feral in the wilderness, at least temporarily until I've run out of crisps and snack bars, but Bec might have a point when she says I wouldn't be so keen at 2am in the dark when I'm trying to build a shelter out of ferns and bracken during a rain storm.
So on Monday our supposed 3½ hour walk around Betws-y-Coed, the River Conway and Gwydir Forest took around 6½ hours on my watch, around 45 minutes of that was spent re-evaluating the start of the route!  I know what you are thinking! "you don't know what you're doing", but honestly it ain't our fault!  I challenge you to complete the walk from these instructions before it goes dark and without arguing!  See can't do it can you?!

 I have now ordered some proper walking books, with proper maps, and reliable instructions, or so say the reviews anyway.  This should mean everything goes just fine next time and Becci won't be shouting at me to "stop pissing about being silly, it's going dark and we don't know how to get back!", and I won't have to pretend I know where I'm going.  That's the theory anyway.  We'll see.....

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