Monday, 19 October 2015

Jakarta to Badung

Off out early to the harbour in Jakarta looking at the traditionally built wooden ships.  We climbed aboard one by a long wobbly plank over the water and had a mooch about on deck.  After the harbour we walked to Fatahillah Square where we'd been a couple of days ago.  Today there are what seem to be millions of school children who are wanting to interview tourists so they can practice their English.  We have already explored around the square last time so after a quick visit to a puppet museum we talked to the children and got interviewed many many times while they filmed it on their phones and then posed for lots of photos.  In the tourist areas we've been asked regularly "can I have a photo with you?", not just by school children but adults too, sometimes whole families.  Bec obliges sometimes but isn't so keen whilst I'm lapping it up enjoying my temporary celebrity status, if anything I encourage it.

Bec was up all last night being sick, not sure if it's food poisoning or whatever but she's feeling rather ropey, she has battled through the morning and although the bus ride to Badung is a bit bumpy she sleeps most of the way.
When we reach Badung we go to see an Angklung musical show, an angklung being a bamboo instrument you shake to make a melodic sound.  We learnt how to play one and joined in with the angklung orchesta.
On route to our hotel the streets are full of Persib fans, Badungs football team who are playing in a cup final today in the national stadium in Jakarta.  There are hundreds of mopeds driving around waving big flags, horns beeping, and the streets awash with blue team shirts and scarfs.  Persib won 2-0!  Get in!

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