Thursday, 15 October 2015


Jakarta, Java, Indonesia
15 October 2015
Day 1

Have got that timid first day polite foreigner feeling.  Taxi driver from the airport asks if he can keep the change from his fare, obviously I say "erm... Yes no problem, keep it", where as in 2 weeks time when I'm into the swing of things the response will likely be "no chance pal, hand it over!".  Later on we went and found a street food stall at a local market area to get a drink just as an excuse to sit and watch life go by away from the tourist area and hotels.  Asked for a drink by acting out and miming a can of pop and a cup of tea which I thought went quite well and avoided the language barrier problem but we were handed some creamy mashed banana gloop in the bottom of a beer glass with ice and a spoon.  We shyly and politely pretended to be delighted and look like we knew what to do with it and paid 22000 Rupiah having no concept of whether that was cheap or expensive (but later working out its about £1).

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