Saturday, 24 October 2015

Travelling to Batu

Today was mostly travelling so not much to tell.  Long, long bus journey, a bit too long really having travelled a lot already in a fairly short time but anyway..... We made a couple of short stops on the way, one of which was to buy some durian fruit, sometimes known as smelly fruit when people can't remember the name because, well, it's renowned for smelling rotten, so rotten I've noticed it's banned in some of the hotels.  I tried it out of curiousity about 10 years ago in Bangkok and at the time described it as "like eating someone else's sick".  So with that memory and expectation in mind we stopped at a roadside stall and tried some.  Wow it tastes unusual but delicious and slightly sweet.  Whilst I'm enjoying it some of the others are pulling repulsed contorted faces just like I did in Bangkok, maybe my taste buds have either matured or degenerated since the last time I tried it.
A little later we stop at a tall powerfull waterfall.  I am surprised to find that I am the only one stripping off to go stand under it which meant I had an audience of 14 people watching me get pummelled from above with cold water.  I could only manage to stay under for about 10 seconds at a time because it was a bit too powerfull but I felt amazing afterwards, it was so invigorating I felt superhuman for the rest of the day.
Reached the hotel in Batu, Kampung Lumbung, it's nice.
So anyway see if this sounds like the kind of thing you do to enjoy yourself on holiday:
Go to bed at 9pm for 2 and a half hours sleep and get up to start the next day before today has actually finished yet.  Confused? 

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