Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Prem

This is getting very interesting now!  Leicester top after 24 games!  LEICESTER!  
Today it's Man City v Leicester, if Vardy, Mahrez and co can do the business then it's all gonna get brilliantly silly and beyond a joke.  Earlier in the season I was reckoning on Arsenal for the title but now I'd love it to be Leicester or Spurs.  Last August Leicester had odds with the bookies of 5000/1 now they're top by 3 points and still only 5/1.
My ideal finish would be
1. Leicester
2. Tottenham
3. Man City
4. (obviously 4th as standard) Arsenal
And if West Ham or Everton could get in the mix then even better.
Ideal teams for relegation West Brom, Norwich, Villa.  (Man Utd and Stoke is probably too much to ask for).
As much as I've enjoyed the demise of Man U I'm fed up of it now and actually feel a bit sorry for their fans paying all that money to watch the turnip head manager bore everyone and then claim everything's fine, so Van Gaal OUT!
The Prem ruins the reputations of some of the biggest name managers. Klopp's magic wand doesn't work in Liverpool, Mourinho loses his head and gets sacked and Pep Guardiola will probably turn out not to be the messiah after all next year at City.

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