Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Death by Yorkshire

June 16th/17th.  Malham, Yorkshire.
The walking around Malham Cove and Gordale scar was pleasant and easy enough with incredible scenery.  Awesomely massive inland cliffs and strange rock formations that make you feel tiny and unable to take it all in at once.
.....And then came an afternoon of cycling..... 20% gradients that only seem to keep going up, and up and up.  Why???  this isn't fun! is it???  oh great! now lets have buckets of cold rain and make my hands and arms go numb!  When it did finally go down I thought I'd take advantage of the coffin beckoning velocity to get some speed up and kill off the next uphill grind, but no!!!  of course there's a cattle grid at the bottom, of course there is!  Bec just ignored my moaning and pushed on.
After the first 10 miles I pulled myself together and actually very much enjoyed the rest of the cycle, speeding along in my top gears on undulating hills across open Yorkshire country I was actually laughing uncontrollably out loud at the thrill, because, well I'm weird like that.
A great place to visit..... even for the cycling!
Anyway here's a load of photos.....

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R.O.B said...

"not bad" but I need to know how to get there and I don't really want to ride a bike so I need a walking route really but still seeing the same things... also need a description of how the rocks were formed e.g. striations or weathering or man made.....