Wednesday, 11 May 2011


just got in from having a few pints at the pub with ryan.  out for a few hours on a week night, having a few, bit of chat and banter and lad talk and just breaking the week up a bit.  its good for the soul and your mental health i reckon. its also a man's right and week nights in the pub should be men only, women are banned.  ryan's a top lad, enjoy the company.
speaking of mental health i feel great just recently!  i really dunno what it is but since the last few days feel really upbeat, feels great and i dont care if i dont know where its come from but i'm keeping it!  bec says i'm manic and always up and down on extremes, which i can see what she means because i do have periods of laziness, lethargy and apathy and then a few days later springing around all hyper, but this feels different.  i feel inspired.... lets see what tomorrow brings....

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