Monday, 9 May 2011

what we doing?

went out with gaz on saturday night and....... no hold on we stayed in actually.  bec was on nights and having arranging to do something with gaz last minute we couldnt decide what to do....
"what we doing then?"
"dunno, dont mind?"
"wanna go nantwich?, or the pub? or stay in?"
"yeh whichever, what do you fancy?"
"shall we have a couple of beers and then book a taxi somewhere?"
"yeah ok, Where do you reckon"
"dont mind what do you think?"
......and so it went on.....

we stayed in round my place, had several beers, played xbox all night, played loud music and talked lad talk, eventually in the early hours the beer started running short and so gaz reminded me about a bottle of scorpion vodka he bought me as a gift a year or so ago....we drank the vodka and ate the vodka infused scorpion.  i still feel like i can feel the scorpion scampering around in my guts, not the nicest sensation! (and not a very vegetarian thing to do)  after a marathon xbox session including a 10 game sensible soccer league we called it a night at around 4.30am.  i feel rough now, a long recovery after this one i think.

really enjoyed the night though, glad we didnt go out.  it was a dreary rainy night anyway and had a good night  mucking around with me old mucker gaz.

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