Monday, 4 June 2012

Mr Pimms and Aunty Krysia

Went to Krysia and Andy's for a BBQ with the Canvins today.  The usual veggie at a barbeque banter which I've started to quite enjoy recently. You'd be surprised how much I can stuff myself at a BBQ, you have to remember that any food can be charred to a crisp, its not just about burnt burgers! (it was all cooked (almost) perfectly if you ever read this).
Nice how I get invited to these family occasions, Krysia says in 50 years time she imagines how Gaz and Emma will call her up to say "be at yours in 20 mins, just picking up John from the care home"  although it's more likely that Morgan and Oliver would be picking us all up from the care home.

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