Sunday, 12 August 2012

extreme jogging

After a good burn on Silvesta I zipped straight back out for a run, a bit of a cycle/run duathlon is my new improved way of keeping fit.  Nothing unusual at first, started running my usual route across the tracks and fields at the top of the estate but then for reasons only known to he inner sanctum of my mind i decided to take a diversion onto the bridge over the rail track and run through the fields on the other side.  Started okay and headed for the next bridge along several fields away, this culminated in running through long grass, nettles, brambles, thistles and falling into bogs.  A brief stop to contort myself through a barbed wire fence then an olympic leap over a brook to tackle a field full of angry nettles.  When I reached an unpassable waterlogged bog amidst chest high grasses I realised I could go no further and now the only other option was to turn back and do it again in reverse.  Pretty stupid but actually enjoyed it, wont be taking that route again though.  the soggy trainers I can sort but thescratches and pulsating nettle stings all over my legs I'll just have to put up with for a while.  How long do nettle stings last for? not long I hope

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