Thursday, 9 August 2012

London every time

London should always host the Olympics, I don't reckon anywhere could do it better. I know everyone has been gushing superlatives about these Olympics but it's true the occasion, the atmosphere, the organisation, everything is going absolutely amazingly.  Despite the sniping negativity of the media beforehand that was poking a critical finger arbitrarily at any minor issue I said all along it would be massive, and after the opening ceremony and first events the media realised that the people love these Olympics and have got on board accordingly.
Got back yesterday from a great few days in London, we had no tickets for anything but it didn't matter, watched the action on big screens with Glastonbury sized crowds and got up at a crazy early time to bagsy a great spot for the triathlon.  Everyone's buzzing about it everywhere we go, everyone is happy, everyone's having fun, all nationalities enjoying together. Its all tip top

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