Saturday, 17 November 2012

incredible fort, astounding temple and onwards to Jodhpur

Udaipaur to Jodhpur

Arranged a private car and driver for the 250km trip to Jodhpur to enable us to stop off at some interesting places en route and also because I still feel ill and thought it would be more comfortable.  About 80km north of Udaipur we stopped at Kumbhalargh Fort, a huge fort up in the hills who's walls stretch 32km around its perimeter! As well as the main fort complex there's hundreds of temples inside the walls.  To build something this vast on this terrain must had either taken a very very long time or whoever was in charge had very very big whips.
inside the Jain Temple at Ranakpur
Next stop was a village called Ranakpur to see a 600 year old Jain temple which I can only describe as astounding!  In fact I can't describe it as anything, been trying to think but there are no words in my vocabulary that do it justice and I'm sure my photos won't either.  The large temple is built from marble with many domes and turrets all carved in intricate detail, inside there's something like 1500 marble pillars all with different, unique and insanely detailed carvings that leave you wondering, well I'm not going to bother carrying on, just go and see for yourself otherwise you won't understand.
The rest of the journey is about 170km to Jodhpur, its dark when we get there but we still get a feel of the place with its quaint narrow streets and blue buildings.  Reached a guesthouse called Singhvi's Haveli who I'd phoned ahead to book a room yesterday, they only have a room available for one night but it's a really nice place so we'll keep our fingers crossed that someone cancels or checks out tomorrow.

Things I've noticed today;
- Latest news on the Delhi belly is I think things have thickened up a tiny bit..... if you know what I mean.
- The Jain temple in Ranakpur was incredible and astounding, I've not seen the Taj Mahal yet but considering its renowned as a wonder I suspect it will look like a garden shed in comparison after seeing a real wonder such as this, however, lets keep it a secret, it's better that way.

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