Sunday, 18 November 2012


Had to check out of our room as they are booked up for tonight but we got them to arrange another place for us called Juna Mahal which is also nice and very clean but a bit more expensive.  We decided to travel to Pushkar tomorrow and booked a ticket for a long distance bus and phoned ahead to book a room for a couple of nights at the Milkman Guesthouse mostly because it has a quirky name (which is a bit like the way women choose horses to bet on at the races).
For today though we set off to Mehrangarh Fort, another huge fort, this one looking very imposing on a rocky hilltop right beside the city looking down to the vast expanse of blue flat roofed buildings.  A regular occurrance again today were the photo requests with Indian people, that's them asking me, not the oher way round, I'm getting confused, I thought I was the tourist!  Bec got her palm read by Mr Sharma, the fort's resident astrologer and palmist who was surprisingly accurate considering he was making it all up on the spot.  The fort was really interesting and kept us occupied for several hours, amazing views over the city too.
In the afternoon we grabbed a tuk tuk to the clock tower in Old Town where all the markets are, there's lots of food stalls stacked with fruit and veg, spice stalls with heaped dishes of every spice imaginable and more, and then stalls selling embroided materials and the like.  There are cows wandering through the markets one of which I inadverently got too close to and headbutted forcefully out of the way, not long after another one took a little run at Becci but luckily didn't quite hit her

Things I noticed today;
- An elephant ambling amongst the traffic on a busy, narrow street.
- A nearby mosque has big warbling chanting sessions loud enough to hear all around but just to make sure we can hear it they blast it out over loudspeakers at around 10pm and then again at 4am just to remind you they're still there.

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