Friday, 23 November 2012

Back to Delhi

Agra to Delhi train
Finally boarded the Ujjaini Express from Agra to Delhi after it arrived 40 minutes late and then there was still no hurry.  The train staff get off onto the platforms at every stop, have a good chin wag, a smoke and a potter about and get the train moving when they're ready.  4 hour journey takes 6 hours.
Back in Delhi feels weird like we're back home but only one more day today then it's airport tomorrow morning and back to proper home.  As always just as we're about to leave I feel like I'm just getting into the way of life.  That's the thing with only travelling for two weeks, just get up to speed with money, getting about, do's and don'ts and favourite foods then all of a sudden its time to go.
We got the metro and set off for Humayan's Tomb, very impressive and without much debate we both agree its more impressive than the infinitely more famous Taj Mahal.  Anyway I won't start Taj bashing again, I mean its not that bad, I just have a problem with its wonder of the world status.  The tomb is built partly in white marble and partly in red sandstone giving it a distinctive appearance and is surrounded by neat gardens and water fountains whose pools are interlinked by water channels.
Later on we wander the main bazaar in Paharganj doing some gift shopping then go for a meal in a place called 'Club India' which is some of the best food we've had in weeks.  Met a Finnish girl in there and chatted over our meal.  Later we went for a last night drink in 'My Bar', there's definitely some kind of protection racket going on in there.  The place seems to be bossed by a gang of coked up bully boy meat heads and beneath the cool tunes and buzzy atmosphere there's a seedy undercurrent which feels uneasy but quite fascinating at the same time.  A couple of giant bottles of Kingfisher and we head back to pack our bags ready for the morning.

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