Saturday, 24 November 2012

entrepreneurial little beggars

Flying home today.
Only one thing to mention about today and that was in the taxi to the airport.  Since we've been here I've not given money to beggars and children because it encourages them to rely on begging as a way of life and also you don't know for sure if the money is spent on food or drugs or whatever else, so better to give food if you feel you want to give something.  Anyway during the taxi ride whilst we're stopped in traffic at a junction two children grab our attention, a little boy playing bongos with a little girl dancing and doing cartwheels, I had a pocket full of change which I wasn't going to be able to spend now anyway so I wound the window down and tipped it all into their hands much to their delight.  That's entrepreneurial I thought, bit of creative effort, not like the beggars who follow you around in the city just holding a hand out.  Okay by giving them money maybe I'm encouraging them to continue dancing in the middle of busy traffic but I thought they were cool.

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