Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Democracy by death and violence

The opposition leadership in Ukraine is seizing power from a democratically elected government on the back of organised and deadly violence by right wing neo facist groups whilst the EU and US have backed them with their full support. The EU and US have done what they can to legitimise the power grab by portraying the coup in Kiev as a climax of a popular people's revolution in Ukraine.
 Citizens have the right to protest, but using rioting and armed violence to oust a democratically-elected government is a scenario that no government in the EU or US would tolerate themselves in their own country and yet they fail to condemn these actions by pushing forward and promoting candidates for a new pro US, pro EU un-elected government.  As usual the media propaganda circus will have us believe this is all rooted in the will of the people but at least as many Ukrainians support the original government and are showing huge numbers in pro government and pro Russian rallies particularly in the Crimea region.
The large numbers on the streets opposing what is happening will get a say in the future of the country too right?  it's all in the name of freedom and democracy so of course they will, right?......... will they bollocks!  Not unless the Russians bring their tanks in.....

For more of the same see the news from Venezuela!

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