Sunday, 16 February 2014

Global Terrorists

The war on terror? War IS terrorism!  By far the biggest threat to world peace are the United States of America and their aggressive, twisted hunger for war which is cloaked with a properganderous media front of democracy, moral obligation and peace keeping intervention.

Below is a list of US wars, invasions and military interventions since world war II, have a look through and see how many of these conflicts started with any country initiating war militarily against America. Without being any kind of historian I'll take an uneducated guess that it's somewhere around the zero mark.

The news you hear will imply that countries like Iran, Cuba, North Korea and even Russia are amongst the bad boys when actually it's the US, Britain, Israel and France that incite, intervene in, and start the most war.

1950 Puerto Rico
1950-53 Korean War
1950-54 Indochina War
1953 Czechoslovakia
1953-75 Vietnam War
1953-75 Laos Civil War
1958 Lebanon Crisis
1960-65 Congo Crisis
1961 Cuba
1964-present Colombian Conflict
1965-66 Dominican Republic
1966-67 Bolivian War
1966-69 North Korea
1970-75 Cambodian Civil War
1979-89 Afghanistan (Soviet War)
1981 Libya
1982-84 Lebanese Civil War
1983 Grenada
1986 Libya
1987-88 Iran
1989 Libya
1989-90 Panama
1990-91 Iraq
1991-2003 Iraqi-Kurdish Conflict
1992-94 Somalia
1993-95 Bosnian War
1994-95 Haiti
1999 Yugoslavia
2001-present Afghanistan
2002-present Philippines
2002-present Somali Civil war
2003 Liberia
2003-11 Iraq
2004-present North West Pakistan War
2006-09 Somalian War
2007-present Trans Saharan War
2010-present Al Qaeda in Yemen
2011 Libya

Well! the US army have been busy haven't they?! Making the world a better, more peaceful place by killing millions of people.

Additional to this there are numerous 'covert' involvements where the US fueled or backed certain conflicts by supplying military or monetary aid according to their own interests such as 1981 El salvador, present day Syria, 1954 Guatemala, 1964 Chile, 2002 Venezuela coup

America loves war, they just can't stop!  And it's all in the name of peace, love and democracy!

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