Thursday, 17 April 2014

I want to buy some cheeeese

I nipped out on my lunch break at work to go get some cheese to cook a meal for tea tonight, be back in 5 mins I said......  At the market they had no halloumi left on the cheese stall so I said no problem I'll try the cheese shop around the corner.  Over at a shop on Pillory Street called 'The Cheese Emporium' I wandered in and politely asked
"Can I have some halloumi please?"
"No, Sorry, I've got no halloumi"
"Oh, right, never mind, what do you have that's similar?"
"Nothing really, we don't sell cheese anymore but I'm doing a special offer on pickles and chutneys at 3 for the price of 2"
"Erm..... well..... it's cheese I wanted really, that's why I came into a shop called THE CHEESE EMPORIUM"

Reminded me of a Monty Python sketch called the cheese shop in which the shop had no cheese.  See the video below, this is almost exactly how it happened today!

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