Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter chicks shredded to bits

New undercover hidden camera video taken by a 'Mercy For Animals' investigator exposes horrific cruelty to baby chicks at a chicken hatchery. Workers fling birds by their fragile wings, slam them into metal dividers, drown them in scalding hot industrial washing machines, and roughly cram chicks into a macerator machine to be ground up alive.
This footage was filmed at Maple Leaf hatchery in Ontario, Canada.  Ontario may be a long way from where you live but do you really think food on your plate has not come through a similar process???

Here's another video exposing Harling pig farm in Norfolk, England made by 'Animal Equality' 2 years ago.  As if conditions aren't difficult enough for these animals their treatment as uncovered in this particular investigation is pure evil

Okay, conditions aren't this bad on most farms but try even just two minutes of online research and you'll soon see that these cases are far from isolated.  If you think the pig farm example is too extreme then I'll leave you with a video that will put your mind at rest because surely most meat and animal produce from standard farming is probably absolutely fine.  Fancy a nice bit of rabbit?  It must have been caught hopping through fields of daisies right?......

final video is from 'Compassion in world farming'

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