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always Coca-Killa

boil toxic coke

The video below shows what happens when you boil Coca-Cola.  Once the water has evaporated what does 55 grams of sugar look like? rancid black tar!  Well okay, yes you can do this with any sugary drink including fruit juice but does coke really need this much sugar to taste good?  And at least fruit juices have good nutritional value without having a list of toxic ingredients added such as E150D, E952, E950, E951, E338, E330, E211 (see end of post to find out what these E numbers actually are)
The good news is that there are some beneficial uses for Coca Cola, for instance it's being used as a pesticide in India, it's also great for cleaning blackened burnt pans, removing rust, removing chewing gum from hair and cleaning grease and oil from the garage floor.  Actually I did a quick search and found a list of 20 uses which I've put below the video.
Here's the vid from a youtuber called CrazyRussianHacker ......

It looks like drinking acidic soft drinks like coke is not a great idea but don't throw it all out yet!  keep a couple of cans handy because after a quick search I found this handy list of 20 uses for lovely coca-cola on

1. Removes grease stains from clothing and fabric
2. Removes rust; methods include using fabric dipped in Coke, a sponge or even aluminum foil. Also loosens rusty bolts
3. Removes blood stains from clothing and fabric.
4. Cleans oil stains from a garage floor; let the stain soak, hose off.
5. Kills slugs and snails; the acids kills them.
6. Cleans burnt pans; let the pan soak in the Coke, then rinse.
7. Descales a kettle (same method as with burnt pans)
8. Cleans car battery terminals by pouring a small amount of Coke over each one.
9. Cleans your engine; Coke distributors have been using this technique for decades.
10. Makes pennies shine; soaking old pennies in Coke will remove the tarnish.
11. Cleans tile grout; pour onto kitchen floor, leave for a few minutes, wipe up.
12. Dissolves a tooth; Use a sealed container…takes a while but it does work.
13. Removes gum from hair; dip into a small bowl of Coke, leave a few minutes. Gum will wipe off.
14. Removes stains from vitreous china.
15. Got a dirty pool? Adding two 2-liter bottles of Coke clears up rust.
16. You can remove (or fade) dye from hair by pouring diet Coke over it.
17. Remove marker stains from carpet. Applying Coke, scrubbing and then clean with soapy water will remove marker stains.
18. Cleans a toilet; pour around bowl, leave for a while, flush clean.
19. Coke and aluminum foil will bring Chrome to a high shine.
20. Strips paint off metal furniture. Soak a towel in Coke and lay it on the paint surface.

The E numbers in coke as previously mentioned;
E150D – This is a food coloring, which is made from processing sugar at certain temperatures. Ammonium sulfate is then added (also used in pesticides). This chemical has been known to increase asthma attacksE952 – This is a sugar substitute. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar and can cause your glycemic levels to sky-rocket. This can lead to diabetes, obesity and other diseases.  E950 – This is Acesulfame Potassium, and it aggravates the heart, vascular system, and nervous system. It is especially bad for children and pregnant women.  E951 – Aspartame – can cause seriously negative impact on your body. Symptoms of aspartame poisoning include:  headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, palpitation, weight gain, irritability, anxiety, memory loss, blurry vision, fainting, joint pains, depression, infertility, hearing loss and more. Aspartame can also provoke the following diseases: brain tumors, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), epilepsy, Graves’ disease, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, mental deficiency and tuberculosis.  E338 – Orthophosphoric Acid - This causes skin and eye irritation, and can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb calcium, causing osteoporosis.  E330 – Citric Acid – This is preservative that is also used in the medical field for preserving blood. In small doses it is fine, but in large doses it can eat away at your stomach and esophageal lining  E211 – Sodium Benzoate - According to a study completed by Peter Piper at Sheffield University sodium benzoate can harm DNA.

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