Thursday, 12 June 2014

Crowds protest against Adrian Chiles in Brazil
Police in Brazil have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at demonstrators in the capital, Brasilia who are protesting against the presenting skills of ITV anchorman Adrian Chiles.  Stones were hurled at security forces as hundreds of protesters tried to reach the National Stadium which is the latest in a series of demonstrations across Brazil against the unpopular presenter.
Co-ordinated demonstrations in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and elsewhere have put pressure on ITV to explain why they have kept faith in their frontman despite the barrage of abuse he and ITV Sport receive every time he is on air.  

Carrying banners declaring “Get Chiles Out” and "Adrian Chiles is a Fuckwit", many of those present cited the damage to the prestige of the tournament by allowing such a bumbling idiot to spoil the television coverage for so many people.

The world is looking to Brazil and we are showing that the World Cup is being tarnished,” said Felipe Mesquita, a history student at the Fluminense Federal University. “I like football. I like the national team but we also have to think about what the World Cup means. We shouldn’t accept all the bad things that go with it such as unknowledgable punditry and podgey potato faced presenters speaking with dreary monotone irrelevance, I really feel bad for the English viewers at home, we all do
Zico, one of Brazil’s greatest former players, summed up the mood:
"While previously World Cup fever would be there for all to see, the atmosphere now is much more subdued. I haven't seen the bunting and painted streets that you might expect to be part of preparations here. To me, it looks like the anti-Chiles protests might have put some fans on the back foot, but now that the tournament is starting I wish I could see a bit more joy among the people."

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