Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The promised land

No more talk about Zionist pigs this time (see previous two posts for that) but having missed out on tickets to the promised land of Glastonbury this year I needed a festival fix.  V festival has degenerated into a pathetic joke of a festival, I remember watching Queens of the stone age, Foo Fighters and Red hot chilli peppers all on the same night 10 years or so ago and this year I'm pretty sure they've got Justin timberlake headlining supported by some x factor types.  So with v a definite no it's off to latitude festival in the morning down in Sussex somewhere to enjoy something more creative and real.  I've ironed a small pile of clothes and then stuffed them all crumpled into a backpack, all you need after that is a tent, something vaguely waterproof, a ticket, some money and a smile.  Don't bother with all the other crap, people drag too much shit along to festivals. I say travel light and just take basics, border on being feral for a few days.

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