Friday, 21 November 2014

Ancient stone circle and forest biking

Tuesday afternoon whilst stood at the top of Walla Crag I looked around admiring the incredible panoramic views and proclaimed something along the lines of "when you're up here- television, status updates, shitty xfactor and football don't seem to matter, that's because it doesn't matter, it's all bullshit".  I was recognising that these superficial distractions of the modern world break down to irrelevance in the face of real life and the natural environment.
A few hours later sat in a cafe in Keswick I remembered that the football was on telly tonight, it's England v Scotland, can't miss that!  Didn't go down too well though especially after my mountain top sermon!

Wednesday morning.
 To reset the balance for my holiday spoiling football fest we did a pilgrimage to Castlerigg to absorb mystic energy at a 5000 year old stone circle.

It is set on a hilltop plateau surrounded by a 360 degree bowl of some of the highest peaks in the country.  I was trying to understand it all but Bec sees it as "just a circle" and was trying to drag me away on a 20km country walk, but magical forces were making me stay, either that or my tired legs and blistered feet are resisting another days walking. Well, Bec, in 3000BC when those primitive hunter gatherers randomly plonked 40 gigantic stones in a field they must have accidentally aligned them with the exact seasonal rising and setting of the sun and the moon whilst also correlating to star constellations.  Obviously they didn't realise this and thought they'd made just a circle.

After a little while a trickle of people kept showing up and inconsiderately spoiling the ambiance and making my photos look less mystical so I forced myself off onto this long walk.  It was a nice walk but that didn't stop me moaning occasionally about my sore feet and aching legs.  Bec to her credit is a hardened triathlete and has little sympathy for my wimpy lazyness.
Before setting off home we went mountain biking in the brilliant Whinlatter Forest.  Setting off on the moderate trail, the easiest one to get us started, I sped off with confidence shouting "come on Bec, stop being so cautious!", 30 seconds later I was over my handlebars rolling down the trail with my bike bouncing on top of me, "Aaarghh!.......Yeh, yeh I'm fine, it's this bike, I'm not used to the brakes!", carried on a bit more conservatively but then 30 minutes later having built my confidence up again..... Wahey! Over the handlebars again "Aaarghh!.......Yeh, yeh I'm fine, it's this stupid bike, It's not me!".  Completing the trail in about 50 minutes I suggested we tried the advanced trail or maybe even the extreme black trail. We both agreed it's probably best to do the moderate one again.

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