Monday, 17 November 2014

Liverpool to Cannock to Keswick

I've been told that although we're not travelling to strange corners of the other side of the world this year that it still officially counts as a holiday and therefore I have to chronicle our whereabouts for these 2 weeks on the blog.  So apologies for the lack of other worldly weirdness but here's how it goes.....

Went to Cannock Chase.  Wanted to hire bikes but none available so decided to go running.  A 5-10km run sounded fine but we hadn't accounted for getting badly lost.  Difficult to say how long the run was in the end but lets just say we narrowly escaped spending the night in an emergency tent made from ferns and bracken.   The 5+ strangers we approached were rubbish at directions, either that or we are rubbish at following them. The woods and the scenery are great but if you go too far off course it's so easy to get lost there.  Bec's triathlon hardened body can handle it but mine will be aching for days!

 Turned up late to visit my Aunty Robyn on the way home due to our lengthy detour in the woods but were comforted with cakes and coffee.

Monday morning it's off to the Lake District to stay in Keswick for a few days.  Half a days driving is made much easier by ignoring the the idiotic sat nav and we arrive in good time for an adrenaline filled afternoon at.....   Keswick Pencil Museum!!!
Now knowing everything about the history of pencil making we left feeling sharp and able to draw on the experience in the future, the rest of our plan for the day were a bit sketchy but be settled on tea and scones at a local cafe and retired to out apartment.

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